Poems Written After Sleep, Daoqian (1043-1114)

On the cusp of sleep, night’s gravity weighs on the body. The mind cannot escape. There is a bend in the road to dreams that I cannot see past. Suddenly you are at the door. I answer. And we are outside, in the forest near your old house. When I awake, I am in bed and realize I was dreaming of you again.


“Description of a Dream, Sent to Monk Miaoyi”

The Hall of Wondrous Thoughts is deep along the winding road;
Night comes, and all at once my dream-soul clambers up and out;
When you open the gate, we greet one another
As if we were in the emerald fog of a bamboo grove.

– Daoqian (1043-1114) from
Canliaozishiji fascicle seven

[From the project, “Poet-monk: Daoqian”]


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