Launching February 9th, 2013


Project: to take flight in my dreams and to encourage all those who encounter this project to fly as well, in both the conscious and unconscious hours of the day.

From Icarus to Jarno and his Human Birdwings their is an urge to leave the ground, untethered from the burdens and weight of the material world. Whether lifting upwards to gain perspective, leave despair, or flee from madness – there is a hopefulness in its power. A lightness of being and becoming.

This project offers provocations and prompts in the form of text, image, and sounds to engage with. It also invites you to post your musings, actions and prompts to the community, and to log and share your dreams or own provocations.

Impetus:  For the last decade I have slept next to my love who soars regularly, often on whim, in his dreams. I though, have been confounded in my efforts to take flight in a somnatic state.This has left me open to what might be referred to as dream-flight envy.  It has also created a deeper curiosity about the nature of flying and its significance with in our imaginations.

In 2012 Artists Natalie Zimmerman and Michael Wilson invited me to participate in their expansive project, Social Dreaming in the 21st Century which took place at the de Young Museum in Winter of 2013, it opened up the idea of communal dreaming. Their work, which is engaged in the role of the collective conscious/unconscious and revolutionary longing as expressed and experienced in dreams and the language of dreaming provides a springboard for questions about what is the role of liberatory dreaming.

Can Flight enact a state of freedom, or does it just un-ground us from the real? What is the psychology and nature of flight in the dreamstate vs. the waking one. By musing, experimenting and actioning through these and other questions Oneiric Traces builds a cabinet of curiosities and experiences.

As with all dreaming there are no bounds, anything may come, anything may go.

Please join me in this social dreaming experiment.


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