Methodologies, actions, and musings to provoke dream flight.



2 thoughts on “Provocations

  1. a drop of honey trapped beneath the tongue evokes sweet dreams at night; an infant choir singing you to sleep can lead to playful dreams; a grasshopper in the room causes jump cut dreaming; sleeping with one eye open induces split personality dreaming; sleeping in drag invokes fabulous dreams; swallowing citrus seeds at dusk can lead to pungent dreaming; snoring can provoke waking dreams in other people; a pinch of salt on the kneecap leads to dreams of the open sea; a hot bath in the middle of the night agitates the dream nerve; sleeping with your arms wrapped around someone opens a portal of dreams; sleeping with the stars in your eyes has been known to induce dreamflight.

  2. the scent of coffee beans roasting evokes revolutionary dreams; sipping nettle soup between naps can open the door to ancestral dreaming; sleeping in a top hat and tails may lead to dreams with cabaret acts; a ladybug in your the bed can cause mid century modernist dreams; A lovers whisper during sleep induces spontaneous birdsong in dreams; sleeping on trains can lead to dreams of time travel; a night of dancing is often followed by sultry dream encounters; sleeping in the midday sun can induce dreams of icarus; sleeping with elephants enchants the dreamer; sleeping in the mountains has been known to induce dreamclimbing; a walk at dusk can result in a morning nap of somersaults and flying.

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